Customized all-in-one survival rig



Product Description

This is a portable and rugged device is a prepper’s dream.  It offers a variety of offline applications for emergency and survival situations, including navigation, communication, and data analysis.  Ideal for remote and challenging environments.

Note: this product is made by a partner and will require 2-3 months build time.  Please reach out with any questions prior to purchase!


1. archived stack overflow articles for reverse engineering, robotics, signal processing, vim, hardware recommendations, electrical engineering, photography, “the great outdoors”, sustainable living, earth science, vegetarianism, biology, cryptography, engineering, coffee, chemistry, puzzling, poker, constructed languages, parenting, writing, travel answers, alcohol, retrocomputing, amateur radio, health, raspberry pi, network engineering, bicycles, super users, pets, software engineering, physical fitness, philosophy, sports, arduino, woodworking, android, 3d printing, computational science, mythology, apple hardware, software recommendations, cooking, chess, unix, artificial intelligence, aviation, expatriates, and home brewing

2. The entire IFixIt database with 184,312 step-by-step guides including pictures

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4. The stacks project

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27. interactive simulation database

28. cheat sheets, revision aids, and quick references

29. 90GB worth of .stl files on 3d printable guns, ammunition, and general armaments

30. improved munitions handbook

31. recipe database and software with 19,147 downloaded recipes

32. multiple downloaded maps including viewing software

33. geany IDE for programming (including libraries)

34. gqrx and gnu-radio sir software to be paired with a half duplex transceiver

35. DOSBOX with a collection of every dos game from 1987-1993 (zipped for efficiency)

36. wifi access point to serve out all of this Information with ssh and vnc capabilities

37. gps mouse to pair with navigational software

38. gprs capability (sim card not included), use this to call and text with cellular along with access to the internet everything offline of course as for power: 19-hour internal battery life with ups capability, step-down converters permit voltages from 5-24v to run the device, internal inline fuse pops if the board exceeds the maximum safe amperage (3-amp fuses, found as car’s windshield washer fuses)