Loci House, LLC (hereinafter referred to as the “Seller”) is provided you with informed consent
to make your purchasing decision for the Seller’s services and disclaim any and all claims
against the Seller related to the services.

Seller is in the business of preparing individual customers with reference material that can be
used to teach critical skills during times of emergency where internet access is unavailable. As
such, you are purchasing Seller’s services designed to assist you by providing preparation
materials and knowledge in the related subject matter (the “Services”).
Before you choose to purchase and use the Services of Seller, please read the following
information FULLY AND CAREFULLY and then sign at the bottom of this page.

The fundamental goal of Seller is to help provide people with a library of learning materials that
can teach life-saving skills at a time of emergency where online access is impossible. The
Seller aims to provide you with knowledge alone and does not claim intellectual property
ownership rights over any of the technology, third-party content, materials or otherwise goods
provided through the Seller’s Services. In particular, Seller may include various third-party
content to you by way of preloaded content on mobile devices. In no way does Seller claim
ownership over this content.

The Seller aims to provide you with resources in preparation for survival. However, Seller
cannot and does not guarantee success in survival or preparation of survival to any degree. As
such, Seller hereby disclaims any and all warranties related to the Services. Additionally, you
hereby release Seller of any claims of warranty, success of otherwise guarantees of performance
related to the Services.

By selecting that you understand the terms and conditions, I/we confirm that I/we fully
understand and have read or have had read to me/us the above Informed Consent and Disclaimer,
and are in complete agreement thereto and do freely and without duress sign and consent to all
terms contained herein: