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Product Description

This is a brand new Android A8 tablet with a 512g Micro SDX Card inserted for expanded memory. It’s fully loaded with all the DIY files / videos / applications that I use on my own tablet and ready to go.

Detailed specs on this tablet can be found here.
Detailed specs on the SD card can be found here.

The tablet will be preloaded with the following:


976 most-popular DIY videos on the following range of topics
(there are multiple videos per topic):


  • how to prevent choking
  • how to perform CPR
  • how to stop bleeding from wound
  • how to clean and dress a wound
  • how to treat diarrhea and vomiting
  • how to treat fever
  • how to treat hypothermia
  • how to treat shock
  • how to make a splint


  • Bartering and Trading
  • How to make a ham radio
  • How to tune into channels


  • Baking
  • canning and preserving
  • cheese, yogurt and butter
  • cooking from scratch
  • cooking with cast iron
  • distilling
  • drying herbs
  • home brewing
  • milling grains
  • rendering lard or tallow
  • smoking meat
  • stocking a pantry
  • storing in root cellar
  • tapping maple syrup


  • Making skincare products
  • Making cleaning supplies
  • Pottery
  • Sewing repairs
  • Soap making


  • auto repair
  • blacksmithing
  • building a fence
  • carpentry
  • digging a well
  • home repair
  • metalworking and welding
  • leather-working
  • using farm tools


  • building a greenhouse
  • composting
  • extending growing season
  • pruning and grafting
  • growing your own food
  • harvesting rainwater
  • permaculture
  • propagating plants
  • saving vegetable seeds
  • starting seeds indoors
  • vermiculture


  • animal husbandry
  • beekeeping
  • breeding livestock
  • building enclosures
  • butchering and cleaning
  • baling hay
  • growing animal feed
  • handling eggs
  • horsemanship
  • milking livestock
  • pasteurizing milk
  • pasture management
  • record keeping
  • processing wool
  • veterinary skills


  • fire making
  • fishing
  • foraging
  • harvesting firewood
  • hunting wild game
  • lessons from depression
  • setting traps
  • making medicinals
  • making fishing equipment
  • net making
  • purifying water
  • repurposing items
  • rope making
  • surviving without power
  • tracking
  • tying basic knots

252 eBooks on the following topics:

  • Emergency Preparedness Quick Guides & Checklists
  • Food Preservation
  • Food Production and Recipes
  • Foraging
  • Hunting and Trapping
  • Holy Books
  • Old and New Recipes
  • Traditional Ways
  • Edible and Medicinal Plants
  • How-to and Bushcraft
  • Knots
  • Military Manuals
  • Survival Guides
  • First Aid and Medicine
  • Finding and Treating Water
  • Gardening
  • FEMAs disaster guides


6.5 million Wikipedia articles accessible in a searchable offline browser

230,000 Wikihow articles 

3,458 Wikibooks

Detailed roadmaps for every state in the USA

Directory information for every hospital in every state



Each of these apps will also be preloaded and have been tested and guaranteed to work offline.

  • Seek by iNaturalist – this app does offline recognition of plants/animals/mushrooms/insects/etc. using your device’s camera. Pretty handy if you are in an unfamiliar place and need to identify things (take the tablet with you next time you go camping).
  • Offline Medical Wikipedia – this app organizes medical advice by symptom, making it easier to diagnose.
  • OsmAnd—Maps & GPS Offline This app is great. It’s basically google maps, but offline.  You have access to all the roads and businesses just like you would online.
  • Kiwix Offline – the app allows you to view/search the wiki articles completely offline.

Supporting Content:

The tablet is customized with an offline website that was built to easily navigate through all the files in a single interface without the need of looking through folders.

Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs